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Lincoln Electric was founded in 1949 by Irving Leff to manufacture electrical distribution equipment for the New York market.  From its inception, the company was focused on building equipment to the highest standards to meet the needs of New York and elsewhere.  Under Irving’s guidance the company developed a stalwart reputation for quality and service; something we focus on maintaining to this day.  In an unfortunate turn of events Irving passed away before his time leaving the challenge of running the company to his son Bruce.  Bruce took over the company in 1984 and brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.  Not only had Bruce spent nearly his entire life in the business, he had a passion and pride for this company and its values.  Modernizing the company, increasing manufacturing capacity and expanding the customer base are just a few of the tasks Bruce took on and accomplished.  Under this new leadership, the company became well known for tackling some of the largest and most challenging projects in New York City.
Lincoln Electric has always been a family business and in 2015 Bruce’s son Matthew took over the day to day operations of the company.  Matthew continues to grow the company while maintaining the foundation of core values that Irving and Bruce established.  Lincoln remains to be known as the premier manufacturer of electrical distribution equipment in the NY area.  Our customer base is loyal and longstanding due to our commitment to quality and service.
We make a full range of distribution equipment including but not limited to: Panelboards up to 2000A, Service and Distribution Switchboards up to 8000A, Generator connection boxes, Generator output switchboards, and Single and Double Ended Substations.  We also have the ability to custom design a product to meet your specific application & requirements.  We are OEM’s for Eaton, GE, ABB & Schneider and have UL listings for UL67, UL891, and UL extensions from both Eaton, General Electric, & ABB.  We are the largest Eaton OEM in the north-east and have done countless projects using Eaton fusible switches, molded case breakers, & insulated case fixed mounted and draw-out breakers.  We are also well known for making extremely custom equipment to fit the space constraints of the buildings in New York City and elsewhere.

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