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The selection of products manufactured by Lincoln Electric Products are not only of the highest quality, but are also available in a variety of options to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. With top-of-the-line materials, cutting-edge production technologies and a highly qualified team, we guarantee complete satisfaction.



We produce switchboards ranging from 1200A – 8000A with UL891 listings.  Enclosure types range from NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 12, and 4X.  We can accommodate a wide variety of applications from incoming utility service, generator output, unit substations, main-tie-main with PLC control, and distribution.  We can design switchboards to fit your available space and we have made equipment in modular and “break-down” construction to fit through extremely tight spaces.  Our switchboards can be built using fusible switches, circuit breakers, or a combination of both with interrupting ratings up to 200kAic.  All of our switchboards are designed using 3D modeling software to allow for tight control of our manufacturing and assembly.  All switchboards are designed to maximize cable bending space to assist with faster installation and reduced labor cost.  We ensure that all equipment meets UL, NEMA, Utility, Local and National codes and standards.

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Our standard panelboard lines go from 60A to 2000A in UL67 construction.  We provide the option of wall mounted backbox or free standing enclosure in NEMA ratings from 1 to 12.  All panelboards have increased incoming and side gutter space when compared to our competition.  Panelboards can also be built to be retrofit in to existing enclosures.  We have a wide range of accessories available to be integrated in the factory including but not limited to: lighting contactor, 1 or 2 power meters, billing/leeds metering, apartment billing metering, SPD.  We stock all sizes of backbox for our panelboards and have a 1-3 day delivery depending on the quantity.  Panelboards can also be customized to meet your needs.

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Our power center product comes in two variants; permanent and portable.  The permanent IPC (integrated power center) is designed to maximize space in commercial electrical closets while at the same time reducing overall installed cost.  The PPC (portable power center) is designed to be rugged and re-usable to meet the short and long term temp power needs of a jobsite or other facilities.

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We are the industry leader in our busway supply and services.  We supply busway from all major manufactures including Eaton, GE, & Siemens based on job specifications.  We assist in coordination, sizing, layout, and design of the busway system using our experience to provide efficient routing and maximize effective power distribution.  Our design services have proven crucial for difficult installations especially in existing buildings where the routing is critical.  As an added value to our customers we provide an un-paralled post-release service.  All busway bought from our company is received at our facility and inspected for damage and accuracy.  After inspection the busway crating is disposed of and the busway is broken down and re-packed by floor or by closet.  We then store the busway and deliver to the site on tailgate trucks as needed to allow for a quick and efficient installation by the contractor without wasting days or weeks on the job.  Receiving the busway as needed and coordinated based on the site schedule is critical to keeping the material undamaged and reducing the overall installed cost and duration.

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We supply transformers with a wide range of specifications from Hammond, GE, Jefferson, Harmonics Limited, and others.  We assist in storing and staging transformers for shipment for projects large and small.  All transformers are supplied with Mason Industries isolators for sound and vibration.

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Since we are an OEM we have the flexibility to use products from almost any manufacturer.  We currently use metering products from Satec, Eaton, Square D, GE Multilin, & Siemens.  We can supply external metering in enclosures but our specialty is to design custom products with integrated metering based on the job needs.  By integrating the metering in to the panelboards and switchboards we can ensure that they are installed properly, take up a minimal footprint, and reduce overall installed cost to the contractor.  We also provide solutions for integral Ethernet switches to allow for reduced communication wiring and in turn reducing installed cost for data integration.

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Our new line of outdoor equipment can be used for many different applications.  The enclosures are rated Nema 3R and the features are wide ranging.  This product line will get you all the features you want in a footprint that is half the size of traditional panelboards or switchboards.  If you have a particular application in mind we can customize this product to meet your needs.

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